Entrepreneurial past

Marcel is a user-focused designer throughout multiple professions and an expert in alternative education. He holds a degree in mechanical engineering and focused on airport design before starting his PhD at age 21 and turning to entrepreneurship.

At the Knowmads School in Amsterdam he ran an alternative education course, which was given an award by the Dalai Lama for being “an education from the heart”.
With his company Consulting cum laude he created a data-driven consultancy focusing on rapid prototyping for millennial targeted products.

Nowadays Marcel works as an actor in film, tv and theatre all over the world and produces interactive fiction 360° Films. He is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts under patronage of HM Elizabeth II and lectures at the Said Business School of Oxford University.

I love building communities, companies and cultures based on authenticity. Here are some things I am especially proud of:

Other things I did before

  • Organised church groups for kids from age 14 to 18 (my first social entrepreneurial contribution)
  • Acquired a bachelors degree in engineering in cooperation with Siemens
  • Co-founded the VWI local student association, became chairman of the local board, became a member of the national board
  • Became a workshop coach, finally lead ‘Train the trainer’ seminars – teaching workshop facilitation to “to be” management trainers
  • Got rejected from all masters universities, started a PhD at 21, started a social media monitoring company at 21, stopped working on both projects at 22 and went to the Knowmads entrepreneurial business school in Amsterdam
  • Co-founded Überzeuge.de – workshop provider for trainings on the psychology of persuasion
  • Co-founded “Pop up princes Amsterdam” – a pop up shop agency (discontinued after six months)
  • Travelled Brasil with “Edu on Tour” – identifying innovative education projects and publishing about them

My journey consists of alternative and innovative and often self organised education. I work to encourage authentic leadership and exchange. I love co-shaping communities and spaces. It all spreads through entrepreneurial activity.

Let’s do something

Got an idea?

New projects are always fun. If you have something you want to change in the world and think I can help, feel free to send me a message.


I speak about alternative education, change management, failing forward, authenticity, generation Y, communities, future of work and future of marketing / communication.

I have spoken at conferences like dClass (education), FuckUpNights (failure), HR Safari & HR Executive Circles (GenY, Future of Work), The Class of 2020 (future of marketing towards GenY), European Bitcoin Conference (new business models) and different companies.


I specialise in community building.
Focus areas I have experience in are Generation Y, HR Management, Diversity Management, HR Marketing or Consumer Marketing with the target group Generation Y. Feel free to call me up and involve me as a consulting expert. marcel.rasche@gmail.com

What people said

GenY with Heart

Natalie Mikulic Schlegel und Partner GmbH, HR and Marketing Expert 

Smart, authentic, exciting.

Nathalie Janotta L’Oreal Deutschland Talent Acquisition Manager

Press & Publications

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