Other things I did before

  • Organised church groups for kids from age 14 to 18 (my first social entrepreneurial contribution)
  • Acquired a bachelors degree in engineering in cooperation with Siemens
  • Co-founded the VWI local student association, became chairman of the local board, became a member of the national board
  • Became a workshop coach, finally lead ‘Train the trainer’ seminars – teaching workshop facilitation to “to be” management trainers
  • Got rejected from all masters universities, started a PhD at 21, started a social media monitoring company at 21, stopped working on both projects at 22 and went to the Knowmads entrepreneurial business school in Amsterdam
  • Co-founded Überzeuge.de – workshop provider for trainings on the psychology of persuasion
  • Co-founded “Pop up princes Amsterdam” – a pop up shop agency (discontinued after six months)
  • Travelled Brasil with “Edu on Tour” – identifying innovative education projects and publishing about them

My journey consists of alternative and innovative and often self organised education. I work to encourage authentic leadership and exchange. I love co-shaping communities and spaces. It all spreads through entrepreneurial activity.